How to Catch a Cheater

Updated: Mar 24

1: Keep an eye on how they use their phone

Your partner's phone is a gold mine of information, and it collects information about their possible transgressions in the same way it collects other crucial data about their life and habits. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that something is wrong: Are they zealous guardians of their phone? Do they rarely give it up and carry it with them wherever they go? Do they keep it hidden at all times?Or is it usually on its back? Is the phone always locked, or does it have a privacy screen that obscures what your partner is doing on it from the majority of over-the-shoulder angles?

Is your company's "Do Not Disturb" function always enabled to keep potentially dangerous notifications at bay and silent? (On iPhones, look in the upper right corner for the half-moon symbol.) Remember to keep an eye out for a second ('burner') phone or even different SIM cards (less convenient, but also a possibility). we recommend, because your phone *cough* is dead *cough, cough*, asking to use their phone while you're out and about together.

If you can grab a hold of the phone before asking for the password, you'll have a better chance of getting it.

2: Touch ID

If they have a Touch ID function (or any variant), quickly go into their security settings and add your fingerprint to the saved prints (if they have more than one, possibly delete one so you don't draw suspicion). Voila. Regardless of how many times they reset their password, you now have access to their phone.

3: Google Chrome password

Gaining access to your partner's phone lock code may be difficult if they refuse to readily reveal it (for example, when you want to check the weather or call a cab) and you are unable to closely see what code they are entering.

Fortunately, some people's computer passwords may be less secure, and if they use Google Chrome, you may be able to unlock many, if not all, of their passwords... For *insert plausible story here*, ask for their computer password.

After they've given it to you, go to Chrome's Settings, Passwords, and Autofill.

You can check what sites they've visited that require passwords once you're on the passwords log page. Run a quick search to check if any illegal websites pop up (pro-tip: Ashley Madison is a bad sign). Then, next to the hidden passwords full of '****,' click on the 'eye' button and type in the computer password you just got, and there you have it. You have access to all of these passwords. You'll want to save these for posterity, so take a quick photo with your phone (though keep in mind that your phone now contains delicate proof of snooping), and now you have to keep your phone out of reach.

4: Keyloggers

This program can be installed on a computer without the cheater being aware that it is operating in the background. These apps may record anything you want, including their passwords, emails they send, web pages they visit, and even how they use the computer. It's a little unsettling, but you have to do what you have to do.

5: Use spyware

Similar to keyloggers, but for phones. If nothing else works, or if you simply want complete access to your partner's phone, all you have to do is install one (such as Spy Tracker) on their device and you'll have complete access to anything they do. A tracking app is the most effective technique to catch a cheater for good. However, keep in mind that if they decide to act, there may be legal consequences.

6: Track them

If your partner uses Google, you can trace their location history by going to the navigation system's 'past destinations' menu option. Alternatively, if Android users are logged in while travelling about, the Google Timeline function tracks identically in the Google Maps app or even Google Maps online. You can also use the search bar to look up the current position of your phone by typing 'Find My Phone'.

If your significant other has an iPhone, you have a few options in addition to logging onto a family account with location sharing enabled (Find My iPhone and Find My Friends app can be helpful here). If none of these options are available, here's where things get interesting...many people are unaware that this feature exists. Under Settings, Privacy, Location Services, System Services, Significant Locations, you may view your partner's frequent locations. It would take a super-smart cheater and a lot of attention to regularly disable or remove these settings each time they leave the house, and this allows you to see which places they frequent.

Additional techniques to keep tabs on your beau or belle include the following. You can track your cheating spouse's movements using an app like Spy Phone or a tiny GPS device attached to the underside of their car, then catch them in that dingy motel (or worse, that luxurious resort you two never visited) with their pants around their ankles. In real time, you'll be busting the affair.

7: Track them using Uber or Waze

Uber offers a handy safety feature that allows users to share their travel status with others indefinitely. If your partner uses Uber (or maybe any other ride-sharing app), go to Settings, then Manage Trusted Contacts, then add yourself to receive notifications for all of their journeys.

Scrutinize Waze's driving history by clicking the magnifying glass icon (each destination appears alongside a clock icon). Although the app doesn't provide a lot of information, it might alert you if certain strange destinations keep popping up or are selected as favorites.

8: Examine text messages, other messaging apps, and more

If you feel your partner is being unfaithful and he or she has been too protective of his or her phone, try to sneak a peak at their messaging applications if you can. Regular text messaging programs (like iMessenger) are for amateurs... It's worth a quick search to see if there are any "do not disturb" message threads that are specific to you. However, WhatsApp is a more likely destination for illicit discussions (see the 'Archived Chats'), alternatively, for super-savvy cheaters, shared Notes applications on iPhone or even shared Google Docs may be used. Draft emails on shared email accounts are also a good option (we've seen this one before).

Also, keep an eye out for aliases, as 'Aunt Becky' could be someone else entirely (e.g., 'Michelle'). While no software can guarantee that you will be able to determine a caller's genuine identity, there are apps like Reverse Phone Lookup App for iPhone that can help. Spyzie or Call Log Monitor may monitor a person's contact list and call logs to tell you how many times this 'Aunt Becky' calls each day. Once you have that, make a list of any numbers you come across and contact the mystery caller directly to finally catch a cheater.

9: hidden audio or photo files

Your companion could be concealing audio or photo files in addition to concealed texts. Your companion may be discreetly inserting photos into other audio or picture files if they are up to date on the latest gadgets and programs.

It's simple to make them with DeepSound and QuickStego, and what appears to be a comical animal picture could actually be a sizzling nude. To unlock the file, you'll need to know a special keystroke or code.

10: Bank Statements

This is made even easier if you have a joint account, but there are now a variety of ways to pay for trysts, including PayPal, points, and even GroupOn. Simply check for transactions that you aren't familiar with, such as lingerie, jewelry, hotel or restaurant expenditures. Anything out of the norm that could indicate infidelity is a red flag. You might just be glancing at his or her phone when a monthly expense notification comes, because modern software like Mint not only controls your money, but you might just be glancing at his or her phone when a monthly expense notification appears.

As you continue your research in the hopes of catching that cheater red-handed, make a copy or take a screenshot of anything suspicious and keep it stashed in a safe place.

11: Trash Folder

Of course, one should respect the privacy of others, but if you suspect your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating or your wife or husband is having an affair and want to see it for yourself, browse through his or her email trash folder on any possible evidence-storing apps (photos, notes, emails, etc.). They may have forgotten to permanently erase any chats if they're actively emailing with someone else.

While you're at it, look through their computer's recycle bin for any images that could be used against them. If you find anything, you can toss this human garbage out the window.

12: Keyword Log

On current devices, you may search for every letter of the alphabet using the various search options. While people who are trying to hide something would be foolish not to wipe their digital footprints on browsers (though we've seen those too), you may need to look a little deeper for indications of hookup apps like AdultFriendFinder or similar sites. Look into using Spotlight Search or seeing what Google thinks you're looking for based on your spouse's previous queries.

13: Cloud Storage

It's one thing to recognize a liar; it's quite another to suspect that they've been receiving messages or photos from another lover. Even if your partner has erased images from his or her computer, that doesn't mean they aren't still there, waiting for you to find them. It'll be on your spouse's Cloud storage if he or she is hiding photos, selfies, or other unfaithful memories. iCloud, Google Drive, and Amazon Prime are the most common, but Keep safe Photo Vault, Vault, and Hide It Pro imply that something more nefarious is at work.

14: Make a Fake Profile

You can visit websites that promote cheating spouses (you know who they are) and keep an eye out for your husband. Alternatively, you might start small and create a Facebook or Instagram profile to see whether he or she responds. You can take it a step further by sending him or her an invitation and being friendly/flirty with him or her to see what kind of reaction you receive. They're on the hook if they're interested in meeting up or hooking up.

15: Use a Hidden Camera or Voice Recorder

Install a spy cam or recording device in the room where your lover goes for alone time. It's fine if he's playing video games or binge-watching his favorite show. You'll know if they're on the phone, speaking with someone online, or doing anything else behind your back that could lead to them being unfaithful.

16: Ask Him or Her

You now have all of the evidence necessary to prove that your husband is cheating; it's time to confront them. All you have to do is be ready for what they have to say.

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